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Yassin Yass - takes the 67kg Elite Male position on the #nzblackgloves heading to Thailand in July.

I have been training for all up about 4 years now. Have just full time been fighting the last 2 years. I train out of dynamite thai boxing.

I started training for fitness on the off seasons from rugby and something different.

Muay thai is the only thing that has challenged me so much and taking my mind and body to places I never thought I could go. It is now apart of me and it really has made me humble and grow up alot and I like the fighting community we have in nz. 1 minute we wana kill each other the next we are best of mates.

I have had 17 fights now. With 3 titles. 68kg North island wmc. 69kg Nz siam cup tittle. And nz wako 68kg tittle

My favpurite fighters are, Max halloway and stylebender. Because them 2 fighters have worked their ass's off like I've never seen to get to where they are.

I’m stoked to just go further than aussie and looking fwd to going to the roots of muay thai. And I have gold on my mind for the tournament

When I’m not training,

#ifmamuaythai #ifmawc #muaythaiociania #new_zealand_muaythai_fed


I'm a groundcrew for a helicopter company. And soon to be training to be a helicopter pilot.

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