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Jade Fleetwood is heading to Bangkok with the NZ Blackgloves

Tell us a bit about yourself and Muaythai?

I've trained and fought out of TFG Masterton for the last 5 years, I live to train and Muaythai is my absolute life's passion. I've always been good at sports and have dreamed of being a champion fighter for as long as I can remember, however as a child I was not allowed to learn because I am female.  I surrendered to that and focused on other sports and things and eventually found myself on an incredibly selfdestructive path filled with alcohol & substance abuse plus a truckload of bad decisions. I knew if I didn't change something I'd end up in jail or worse. I looked within myself and my childhood dream was still there burning strong as ever. I decided I owed if to myself to live my dream and I was old enough to realise gender was no reason to hold me back. Muaythai saved my life, empowered me, taught me resilience, endurance and true grit and of course respect for others.  When I'm not fighting I am working as a teacher (my second love/passion) I love having the privilege of being able to help our youth realise and unlock there full potential  My favourite fighters are: Thug Rose Namajunes, Lucia Rijker & Melody Downs. These ladies showed me exactly what a trained woman can do! What are your goals for the upcoming World Championships?

I'm going to IFMA to bring home the GOLD and show the world what NZ can do.

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