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Introducing NZMF Blackgloves Female Elite Kelly Broerse 60 Kg

How long have you been involved in Muaythai?

I started training in 2012 down in Christchurch where I’m originally from. I studied in Auckland for a year in 2013 and had my first fight late that year out of Strikeforce, (in New Lynn) where I currently train. I went back to Christchurch and had another few fights, eventually moving back to Auckland permanently in 2017.

What got you interested in Muaythai?

I have always bored easily and had a few hobbies, first horse riding then Ballroom Dancing. I was watching the movie Never Back Down and just decided to try MMA. However when I got to the gym the grappling didn’t interest me at all so I chose Muay Thai, and have loved it ever since! I first got into it for fun and fitness reasons but the things it’s done for me mentally have been incredible.

Why is Muaythai important to you?

For me, it’s not just about the fights, though they are goals and they drive me. The gym family I have made are so important to me and we all build each other up. Training has been such a good mental outlet, as I have a pretty high stress job. I’ve also really gotten to know myself by pushing my body to its limits both mentally and physically. But also there’s nothing quite like the high of winning a fight

What titles or significant victories have you achieved?

IKBF South Pacific 63kg FTR Champion WKBF New Zealand Featherweight Champion WKBF South Pacific Featherweight Champion (K1 Rules) Recently won on NZ vs China, Glory of Heroes 37

WKBF South Pacific belt was on King in the Ring

Who is/are your favourite fighters?

Valentina Shevcenko and Israel Adesanya

What do you want to get out of attending the IFMA World Championships and represent #Blackgloves

I want to gain international exposure to start getting fights overseas but I also want to showcase New Zealand’s talent. We have so much talent in our small country, let’s show the world how great we are! I’m going to bring home the Gold as are a few teammates.

What inspires or motivates you?

I want to be the best, at everything I do. I want to make my family and friends and partner proud of me. I’m always striving for perfection. I love being challenged and fighting challenges me constantly. I’m so proud of what I’ve accomplished and I want to do more and prove myself.

What do you do when you aren't training?

I work in Forensics in a DNA lab. I absolutely love my job and it was hard work getting to this point, but it can be very stressful so nothing helps me unwind like going to the gym and taking it out on pads (or training partners... or my partner Yassin)

Any extra goals or thoughts you would like to mention?

I want to encourage kiwis to get into fitness in a fun and safe way. Our gym is a family environment and we look out for each other, so it’s the best way to have fun and get fit.

I want to encourage females specifically to get into Muay Thai. Not only for self defense but it gives you so much confidence and mental strength. There are so many benefits and I could not recommend it more.

I also want to encourage kiwis to get behind their fighters competing overseas. Martial arts does not get the exposure it deserves. Izzy and the other guys in the UFC are doing amazing things and bringing great exposure to martial arts, but we need to recognise all our fighters and get more media attention

Kelly Broerse selected for the 2019 #blackgloves

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