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How to keep muaythai a clean sport under IFMA!

Muaythai athletes competing at IFMA events know muaythai is a proudly clean sport with zero tolerance for doping.

IFMA works within the guidelines of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to promote fairplay. Some athletes may need to take medication but they must apply for special permission if this medicine is on the WADA Prohibited List for 2017.

WADA prepares a new list of prohibited medicines every year and all athletes and coaches must know which medicines are on the list.

Athletes and coaches can read the list for 2017 here on the WADA website.

Some medicine on that list may be taken IF the athlete arranges special permission due to having an illness. This is called a TUE or Therapeutic Use Exemption.

This process must be done 30 days BEFORE tournaments – see the poster for the steps to take. Athletes should also discuss medicine with their coaches and National Federation, and check the WADA list before taking any kind of medication.

The IFMA World Championships starts May 3rd so if any athletes think they need a TUE they must start the process this week! Remember it is better to lose with honour than win dishonestly!

1. Get a TUE form from the sports council in your country 2. Take the TUE form to your doctor 3. Send the form to your anti-doping organisation in your country. 4. Receive permission to use the medicine or be denied permission.

You can read more about IFMA and anti-doping here.

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