With a focus working in support for athletes NZ Muaythai Federation offers the best of Muaythai to all members being recognized and supported by IFMA - International Federation of Muaythai Amateur and the WMC - World Muaythai Council, which is Governing Body, with the Thai government recognination, for amateur and professional Muaythai.
 Along several years of existence, NZMF has transformed the NZ Muaythai into a champion machine within the athletes and a reference in administrative management and technical quality, always aligned with the latest trends and technical standards emanated by IFMA-WMC.

Meet The Team


Taka Mackey


Kodee Ngatai

Secretary General

"My goal is to be instrumental in NZ Muaythai and to help build a sanctioning body that sets a new benchmark for Full Thai Rules in NZ. Where athletes who compete in Muaythai, in its authentic form, are recognised and rewarded for their honest work.  I believe this can be achieved with inclusion and openness here in NZ"

Vacant until next AGM

Vice President

‘Sport has the power to change the world’

Nelson Mandela


"NZ has developed and will continue to develop a strong, safe and nurturing pathway for their junior athletes. One of the jobs of the senior fighters is to also help mentor the juniors, in NZ Muaythai is its own special whanau, family".

" We are a big Muaythai family, and NZ is cultivating a strong spirit of Muaythai for a long time, where our children, teenagers and seniors can live an learn more than a sport, but culture, tradition, respect and fairplay".







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NZ President
Taka Mackey
NZ Vice President


Secretary General

Kodee Ngatai


Executive Board (above incl.)

Sue Glassey IFMA Oceania President 

Ben Ahipene Sport & Integrity

Victoria Nansen Advisor


Commission Chairs: Female, Youth,

Technical, Medical & Athletes



NZ Female Commission

Michelle Preston

Rochelle Stroh

NZ Athletes & Social Commissions

Richie Hardcore 

NZ Youth Commission

Mel Mackay-Huriwai

NZ Media & Communication

Golnaz Bassam Tabar

NZ Ethics & Entourage

Bevan Taylor

NZ Business & Finance 

Scotty Thompson

NZ Technical & Referees Commission

Chris Samson

NZ Legal & Policy Commission


NZ Medical Commission

Michelle Shortall

NZ Education Commission




Kodee Ngatai 


Sue Glassey (Interim)